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Having a balanced pH is very important to your health

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  • One of the main causes of disease in the body is an unbalance pH level. The result of this is acid (gas). We have Tums, Rolaids, Prilosec, Tagament,
    Alka Seltzer, ect, ect. There are literally hundreds of products on the market
    for acid relief.
  • NEVER take extra calcium in supplement form. Always fight acid with 500mg magnesium citrate take 160mg 3 times a day, 4 spirulina by Solgar and 2 acidophilus Critical Care.
  • All of us get acid / gas. How we eliminate it is very important. When you start taking acid / gas (drug) products you reduce your body's natural ability to fight gas. It is better to fight gas with natural occurring substances in your body.
  • Take 4 tablets of spirulina by Solgar each day.
  • Besides 500mg magnesium citrate and potassium, acidophilus is the number 1 way to fight acid (gas). Purchase the strongest acidophilus you can find. Ultimate Flora Critical Care is an excellent choice. This is usually found in the refrigeration section. Make sure it has as least 4 strains. One of the best non-refrigerated acidophilus pills is a product called "Acidophilus Pearls". Take it once a day for the rest of your life. Papaya pills also work great and are easy to transport. Any time you feel gas take two to four papaya pills. They are so safe you can even give these to your pets. I buy the brand American Health Chewable Super Papaya Enzyme
  • Eating yogurt or an apple (Gala or Fuji) each day will help too. Fresh coconut milk and meat is also excellent for controlling acid. When you feel acid, try to eliminate it the natural way first. If that doesn't work then take your acid pill. Continue this until you can wean yourself off the acid control drugs.
  • Acid prescription or over the counter pills are counter productive because they inhibit your body's natural ability to fight acid. This makes it very hard for your body to fight acid when you try eliminating the drug from your daily schedule.
  • Also natural ways to reduce gas are to eat plain yogurt or eat an apple (Gala or Fuji) each day. Fresh coconut milk is also excellent for controlling acid. Squeeze some fresh lemon in your water. This is a natural way to pH balance your body. Lemon also clears plaque out of arteries, eliminate gallbladder or kidney stones and kills bacteria.
  • Uric acid is a big problem for most people. The reason it is such a bid problem is there are only 2 foods effective for eliminating uric acid out of the kidneys and body. One is black cherry the other is blueberry. I like to use Solgar Tart Cherry Capsules. Take 2 pills a day. Tart Cherry pills are also is good for gas, coughing, asthma, lung and breathing. Not only does uric acid cause kidney failure it is also the main cause of all arthritis.


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