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Anemia Facts

Anemia can go unnoticed for years. Early detection can prevent the anemia from worsening. Anemia occurs when the red blood cells drop below normal levels. 

Anemia prevents the required amount of oxygen from reaching tissues throughout the body.

Symptoms Include: Weakness, fast or irregular heart beat, dizziness, cognitive problems, pale skin, chest pains, shortness of breath, numbness or coldness in your extremities and headaches.

Catch Anemia Early: If you are pregnant your are more prone to anemia. Most pregnant women take iron supplements to avoid this issue. Regular blood testing during pregnancy is also important. 

If you have a chronic disease such as acid reflux disease, cancer, heart disease or kidney disease you will have a high risk for anemia. 

Cause and Treatment of Anemia: There are 3 main causes for anemia.
  1. Blood loss. Usually caused by stomach ulcers or intestinal bleeding
  2. Body does not produce enough red blood cells to carry oxygen or the function of the red blood cells is impeded by nitrates or some other toxin.
  3. Auto immune disorders that destroy red blood cells

Treatment of Anemia:

  1. Take 4 spirulina tablets by Solgar each day
  2. Take 1,000mg of Ester C Vitamin each day
  3. Eat Vitamin C rich foods
  4. Add a Good Multi-B supplement to your daily vitamin regime Do not take more than 35mg of B6 a day it can be toxic to the body.
  5. Add Vitamin B-12 5,000mg
  6. Add Vitamin E 200mg
  7. Add Vitamin D3 5,000iu

My mother had anemia for 10 years. One year she almost went into a coma. She started taking the 4 tablets of spirulina and stopped all iron supplements. She went back to her doctor 2 months later and was told she was no longer anemic !!! 

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