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Cure Diabetes Today - Arthritis Cure

Arthritis can be a very disabling disease.

How does arthritis begin? There are many variations of arthritis. 
The main one is rheumatoid arthritis . 
All types of arthritis are
mainly caused by having excessive amounts of uric acid in the body.

 Uric acid destroys bone and joints therefore causing arthritis.

Arthritis is not a big mystery. The health industry makes billions 
from arthritis confusion. The true cause of all arthritis is fairly simple. It is inflammation, crystals and eventually deterioration caused by uric acid.

Elimination of arthritis is possible by removing the cause.
Uric acid is eliminated by drinking 2 to 3 ounces of 100% Cherry juice
each day and 
by taking one acidophilus pearl each day. This will stop the
progression of  
the disease. 100% Black cherry and blueberries are most
effective way to eliminate 
uric acid out of the body. 

If you are trying to eliminate your diabetes take Solgar cherry pills instead of
 the cherry juice. This will eliminate the cherry juice carbohydrates. 

Reversing bone and joint damage is easy by adding Collagen supplements 1, 3 (neoCell) and 2 (Hyaluronic Acid). Dosage
 is 3 pills of NeoCell Collagen-C Type 1 and 3 twice a day and 2 pills of 
Hyaluronic Acid (100 mg) twice a day. 

Make sure to take collagen 1,2 and 3 together. 

Dogs and cats can have up to 2ml cherry juice for every 10lbs and one
pearl per day. Use Pet Naturals hip and joint pills to repair
bone and 
cartilage damage.

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