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Back Ache Remedies - Guaranteed Relief 
Back aches can be a real pain :)

The first step and best way to eliminate a back ache is to take 2 ibuprofen pills, one 500mg of magnesium and then take a hot shower message. Make sure the shower massage is hard enough to feel but not so hard as to cause pain. Once you have finished with the shower message lay in bed with your knees bent up towards the ceiling for at least 30 to 45 minutes. This should resolve your issue. If it does not move on to step number 2.
Step number two is to use a large exercise ball. If you do not have one go to any sport store and purchase a large exercise ball. When you get home blow it up and lay on it for a minute or two. You can roll back and forth to get all areas of your back. This will release the pressure on your spine so that your bones can move back into place. Then follow the steps in step number one to complete your therapy.

If your back pain is mainly in the morning try taking one pill of Nature's Way Dandelion Root 1620mg before going to bed.
If these steps do not work you may want to go to your nearest kinesiologist for help or you may need a new bed.
Let us know how you do.  
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