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I have had Diabetes for the past nine years and have been under treatment with medications. After reading Diabetes Diet, I found it to be very helpful. I have eliminated some foods and oils in my diet. My glucose levels have never been this low and controlled. I even stopped taking one of my medications, I feel great. I am very pleased and highly recommend this diet. Thank you for all your help in eliminating my diabetes. 
E. Bello, Florida

My blood sugar level has been around 30 to 40 for years, Now it is normal! I got the suggested vitamins and minerals this weekend.  I tried my first dose Friday night and OMG it started almost instantly and I felt better. By Saturday night the pain in my arms and legs dwindled to almost being unnoticed.  The shiners under my eyes have lightened a bit, I can BREATHE and I wake up feeling refreshed, it really is starting to work.  I can ONLY IMAGINE what it will be like after a few weeks.  I can't thank you enough for your advice! Update: I am feeling terrific.  People are commenting on how much better I look and act too!  Last weekend I went to the Renascence Festival and walked almost 4 hours, something I couldn't have done a few weeks ago.  I also did a trampoline jump with bungees again, something I couldn't have done two or three weeks ago. My life is much better now!  I am a walking testament that the program works. I want others to feel good too! JR

Thanks very much for sending me the copy of your book.  What a lot of work!! And so valuable. Thanks again for all your hard work.

Thanks Diabetes Diet. You saved my gallbladder! I went to see my doctor about a year ago to have my hernia fixed. He told me my gallbladder also needed to be removed. He told me he could do both surgeries at the same time. I decided to wait on the gallbladder surgery and I am so glad I did. I read your book and followed the lemon cleanse directions. After 2 months I had an ultrasound and x-ray done of my gallbladder. The results were absolutely amazing. I had only one very tiny 1/16 of an inch gallstone. All the massive stones that were once in my gallbladder were completely gone. It was like a miracle had taken place. Thank you so much for your information. You saved my gallbladder and kept me from having to go through another surgery. God bless you.
My fiance had cancer and was given 6 months to live. We did not have enough money for chemotherapy and could not afford any of the medications the doctor's prescribed. I worked at a women's house and she gave my fiance this book. At first we did not really believe it could cure her cancer but we really had nothing to lose by trying it. It has been over a year now and my fiance is completely cancer free! This book saved my
fiances life. Since then we married and are now expecting our first child! Get this book, I promise you it will change your life. We believe with all our heart God brought this book into our lives. Charles B.

Cancer Success Stories: My uncle contracted prostate cancer. He followed the recommendations included in this book and is now cancer free. I don't know of one single person following these recommendations that has ever contracted cancer or was unable to cure the cancer they contracted. To date we have 100% success rate. My girl friend's Mother was diagnosed with lung cancer in June of 2012. She had surgery to remove the lumps in her lung but did not follow with chemotherapy. Instead she immediately began taking the apricot seeds. As of today she is completely Cancer Free! 
Virginia, Author of Diabetes Diet 

I heard about Diabetes Diet on a local radio station. I was really moved by the frankness of Virginia on the radio. I decided to give the Diabetes Diet cure plan a try. The first week my sugar levels dropped by 50 points. I was so excited. My Doctor told me I needed to get on medication but I really did not want to. I am so glad I waited. It's been 30 days now and I am happy to report my sugar levels are finally normal. I hope this testimony encourages you to have hope. You can beat diabetes naturally. I am living proof. God bless.
Joe W.

Thank you Diabetes Diet. 3 months ago my Doctor ran tests and blood work and told me I had Lupus. I was laying in bed all the time with pain in my muscles and joints. I met Virginia through a friend. She gave me a copy of her book and outlined a vitamin regiment which included, multivitamins, cherry juice, 1,2 &3 collegan and a calcium and magnesium supplement. One month later I went back to the doctor. He ran the same blood tests and also did an exam. He then told me I was completely cured! Just by changing my diet and adding the suggested supplements my lupus is completely gone. I have energy and was able to go back to work. Thank you so much. You saved my life. Oralia R.

My husband had a triple bypass 3 years ago. He was fine for the first 2 years but in the last year he has had very little energy and had a large amount of pain in his legs. I purchased the Diabetes Diet book after hearing Virginia speak on a radio interview. I started my husband on the lemon cleanse. This was an absolute miracle for him. He is back to his old self. Running around and feeling great. The pain in his legs is gone. Thank you. Our lives will never be the same. God Bless You Virginia. Sandy D.

OMG...This book is fantastic. I completely eliminated my high sugar levels in 2 months! Thank you Virginia. This is the first time in years I have not had to use medication. 
Lisa G.

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