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Cure Diabetes Today Press Release

Scheduled Events - For more information, click on below links 

1). Star Global Tribune

2). Google Health

3).  Radio Interview on the Glen Biegel Show February 26, 2013  
          Thanks Glen. It was a great show. Your audience was great!

4).  Radio Interview with Stuart Vener on March 11, 2013 at  Thanks Stuart. You were such a pleasure. 

5).  Radio Interview on the Living With Hope Show March 18, 2013 Thanks Trudy. I really enjoyed our chat. Look forward to speaking with you in a few weeks.

6). Radio Interview with Lisa Tarves March 24th 1pm est Thanks Lisa. It was a pleasure being on your show and I am looking forward to hearing good results. Your audience was great. 

6). Austin Book Fair  - April  2013

7).  4/5  Article on Diabetes Diet by Motherhood Moment

8).  Radio Interview with Mark Cope KYXL  April 15 . Great interview. I really enjoyed being on your show.

9).  Radio Interview with Jiggy Jaguar Talk radioX 1650 AM – TX
KTRX 92.9 FM – TX April 15. Thanks for helping me to help others. The time went so fast. I am looking forward to our next interview in May.

10). Radio Interview with Jiggy Jaguar Talk radioX 1650 AM – TX
KTRX 92.9 FM – TX May 3.

11. Radio Interview with Mark Cope KYXL  May 15 .

12. We have joined with Shirley's Wellness Cafe for the promotion of natural healing.


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